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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Evan, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member

    I'm looking for someone who would be willing to volunteer to manage the Campground & Park Reviews area of the forum.

    Duties would include the following:
    • Keeping threads in the right geographical areas
    • Updating thread prefixes according to state and park type
    This is a fairly easy thing to keep on top of going forward. The real work will be in going through old threads and updating the prefixes. There's no timeline for getting this done - hopefully just a plan to chip away at it until the old threads are whipped into shape.

    Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

    Thank you,
  2. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Moderator Staff Member Donating Member


    I would be willing to work on this but a bit of explanation would be needed.

    Is it adding the colored state buttons in front of the title?

    Is it also adding the campground type?

    Do we have a button for KOA & Good Sam? Are there other types of campgrounds besides those two,
    State and local parks and is there a button for each?

    Ha! Leave it to an academic to complicate things :)

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  3. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    I’m married to an academic so I totally understand that last statement :) ! Thanks for volunteering!

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  4. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    OK so I looked at the forum entries a bit and I think I saw that there are a few basic campground types, National Park, State Park, City Park and Private. So that answers that question.

  5. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member


    Sorry for the delay in answering. Yes, basically you’d be adding the colored state and campground type buttons (prefixes) to each entry, and updating the thread titles to follow a standard convention. Probably 1/3 of the entries are already done.The rest still need fixing.

    In addition, you’d have the ability to move threads around. From time to time, someone posts a new thread in the wrong area - for example, in the NW when it’s really a SW campground. You click a few few buttons and send it to it’s proper home.

    If you’re curious about prefix options, create a new thread and look at what choices are available. Basically, all the states and provinces for the first prefix, and the main campground types for the second. At present KOA and Good Sam go under Private Campground, but if you think there’s need for new prefixes, I can add them.

    Want the job?
  6. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    OK, sign me up.
    I'm pretty sure my email is in my profile.
    Let me know if you need other info and how I will log in as a moderator.
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