Camping in southern Illinois?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Steve & Betsy, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Steve & Betsy

    Steve & Betsy Newbie

    In May, we will be passing through southern Illinois (on our way to Kentucky) and we are wondering if anyone has a campground suggestion for an overnight stay with some hiking options?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Inn42

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    Hi Steve & Betsy!

    I don't know if there is much hiking to be done there, but Burrell Campground in Carmi is $15/night with power, water and all the firewood you can burn!

    Cave-in-Rock has some hiking and there is a free ferry across the Ohio to KY.

    Probably the best campground that we stayed at in So. IL that had a lot of hiking options was Ferne Clyffe.

    There a little bit of information about these campgrounds on our blogs, days 69-74:
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  3. Steve & Betsy

    Steve & Betsy Newbie

    Hi Steve & Alea,

    Thanks for the information. We will check out those campgrounds out.

    This trip will eventually take us to Lexington, KY where we will bicycle "The Horsey Hundred" over Memorial Day weekend.

    Safe travels to you as you prepare to begin your 2016 route north.
  4. Inn42

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    Have fun! Kentucky should be pretty awesome at that time of year.

    The more I feel my age, the more inclined I am to think that there are fewer hills in Cycling Heaven than I used to imagine. ;-)

    The campground in Carmi is about 20 or so miles south of the interstate between St. Louis and Louisville where it crosses the Wabash River, so if you are in a hurry either coming and going it could be a convenient and inexpensive stop. If you go there you'll pass through Crossville, where my 2nd great grandfather was the first blacksmith. If not for the one four way stop in town you would likely miss it on your way through.

    Harmonie State Park on the Indiana side of the river is huge and is also very nice. And New Harmony, Indiana is worth learning about. There used to be a bridge from Crossville to New Harmony, but it has been closed for several years now and there is no money to replace it.
  5. Better late than never. Pere Marquette State Park. Lots of trails too.
  6. Steve & Betsy

    Steve & Betsy Newbie

    We ended up staying at Cave in Rock State Park. It was a lovely park with some hiking and road bicycling (across the state line into Kentucky via the free ferry) opportunities. We drove to nearby Garden of the Gods for a short hike to a beautiful vista.
  7. CamperJohn

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    will take note of this

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