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Have you had rain water enter your under counter lid gutters after driving in the rain?

Poll closed Jul 7, 2016.
  1. Yes, in the gutters only

    3 vote(s)
  2. Yes in the gutters and in the storage bins

    4 vote(s)
  3. No, I have not seen this happen

    18 vote(s)
  1. Craig Edevold

    Craig Edevold Camp-Inn Staff

    The gutters below the counter lids and surrounding the storage area openings are intended to help catch spills on the counter top. Fluid or powder that goes over the sides of the counter lids would first fill into these gutters, preventing, or at least reducing, the amount getting into the storage space below. These gutters drain to the rear to allow excess fluid to flow out of the trailer rather than overflowing into the storage compartment.

    We have had a couple customers who, while driving in heavy rain, reported having had rain water enter the rear of their hatch and flow into the gutters around the under counter storage openings. In one case, enough water entered that it overflowed the gutters and some water leaked into the under counter storage areas. We are trying to determine if this is a common problem or unique to these couple customers.

    If it appears to be common, we will make a design change to prevent the water from entering. If not, we will keep the design as it is. Either way the gutters will remain there to catch spills.

    If you have noticed water standing in these gutters (not the area where the bottom of the hatch seals) after driving in the rain, please let us know by sending an email to

    If you have a Camp-Inn and read this post please complete the poll.

    Thank You for your help,
    Craig Edevold
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  2. Jay & Valerie

    Jay & Valerie Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I have not seen this happen. Most of my experience in the rain has been stationary and not driving. But the times I have driven through the rain I did not notice any water in the storage area or in the gutters.
  3. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member

    This happened to us but that was before we had the new seal across the bottom of the hatch. Hasn't happened since.
  4. Bear

    Bear Junior Ranger

    Howdy Craig,

    This has happened to the Stagecoach more than once while parked and not out on the road. For the Stagecoach, the source of the problem was the hatch handle/lock assembly. Water was navigating its way around the seals. I have only come up with a temporary solution and not a permanent one to curb this.

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  5. birder526

    birder526 Novice

    We haven't had this problem at all!
  6. GhostOrchid

    GhostOrchid Novice

    Have never seen rainwater in those gutters, even on the one occasion where we got some in the cabin from driving a couple of days through torrential rain.
  7. Rick  Sarah

    Rick Sarah Novice

    We have not had this problem.
  8. hiadventurer

    hiadventurer Novice

    Last summer we drove from Oklahoma City back to the east coast of Iowa, Quad Cities (700 miles), heavy driving rain for a major portion of it..WALL-E was dry as a bone inside and out. The only place I have noticed signs of water are in the rear under counter storage area around one of the srews, but there has been no change in it. R
  9. AlCat

    AlCat Junior Ranger Donating Member

    We have not had this problem (though we have only experienced about 20 hours of rain, total, in over 100 nights)
  10. Cmckinnon

    Cmckinnon Newbie

    Yes, I have rain water enter my galley by running down the rear wall of the galley onto the upper shelving and into the footwell of the main cabin. Not much fun when your bed gets wet. As recommended by Craig I drilled five small holes in the aluminum channel inside both of the upper cabin storage compartments and filled the channel with caulk. This did not solve my problem so I drilled two more sets of five hole in the channel from the galley side just above the CampInn serial number plaque and agin filled the channel with as much caulk as I could force into the channel. This reduced the amount of water entering the galley but did not completely eliminate my leak.
  11. Cmckinnon

    Cmckinnon Newbie

    Let me add one more thing. The rain water enters the cabin while we are parked not while we are traveling down the road. This only happens during heavy rain. This has happened maybe 8 times in 230 nights of camping.
  12. GhostOrchid

    GhostOrchid Novice

    Never say never, I guess.

    We drove through a couple of fast-moving, but heavy downbursts on I-70 heading west into Colorado a couple of months ago and, the next morning, found a rag in the bottom of the right-hand bin that was wet. Couldn't have been much water, maybe a half-liter. First time in 12,000 miles. Battery compartment was dry, as was the left bin.
  13. Kelly

    Kelly Novice

    Poll Question: Have you had rain water enter your under counter lid gutters after driving in the rain? No, not that I can recall.
  14. Mark & Casandra

    Mark & Casandra Junior Ranger

    We are right at 7,500 miles traveled with our 560 and have been caught in several heavy downpours on the road and while camping. We have not had a problem with rainwater in the galley. Thanks for a top notch designed & built teardrop, Camp-Inn!

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