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Discussion in 'Electrical & Mechanical Issues' started by Randy, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Randy

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    We are headed to heavy bear country next week and are concerned about keeping the Dometic in the galley. Is closing the galley at night safe enough?

    I was considering keeping it in the truck at night and running it off of the car battery. Can anyone tell me how long it can be run this way before deleting the car battery to the point that ihe car won't start?


  2. Brian & Lucy

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    Provided you keep a clean galley free of food other than what's in the fridge and nothing particularly odorous, and a clean campsite, I personally would feel safe leaving it in a locked galley. A determined bear won't care if it's in the galley or your trunk...they'll get in. If it's a patrolled camp area, I'd ask the ranger for a local opinion. If you're somewhere like Yellowstone where there are many other campers likely not as diligent, the bear will move on. The opposite could be true as well...depends on your trip and time of year.

    I have a Snomaster fridge that I leave on in the car 24/7 over multiple week trips with no issues, some days only using the car for 30 minutes or less. It draws about 2.5a/hr and I notice no impact on my ability to start the car. I follow a lot of people that use dometic's in their Jeeps/4Runners with no issue either, though occasionally hear of dead batteries. Often because the battery was near the end of it's life more than the fridge being the primary cause. Nice thing about it being in your car is food/beverage is always with you when you leave base camp behind. We liked being able to run into town to buy food and putting it directly in the fridge. We now keep all food/fridge in the car. I'd recommend testing that before your it for 12 hours overnight, or whatever you think will make a good compare to your trip.
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  3. gregangsten

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    I've had my trailer in both Yellowstone and Yosemite. Rangers in Yellowstone assured me that they don't have quite the bear problem that Yosemite has (or maybe had?). They said it would be OK in the locked galley but you won't hear that from a ranger at Yosemite where they are adamant about using bear boxes. It's true that bears will rip open a locked car trunk or beat your car to death trying if they smell food in there and I've seen plenty of photos of just that.
    That said, I have left the fridge in the trailer in Yosemite camping a few times because I think the bears have been trained not to bother since the people have been trained not to tempt them. You are taking something of a chance though.

    I bought a second, deep cycle high capacity battery to extend the time I can be off the grid. Later, I bought a solar panel but if I know I'm going to be stuck in the shade, or if I am going to bear country I bring the battery. The Dometic goes in the bear box with it plugged into the battery outside the box and the cord squeezing between the box doors.
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  4. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Nice to know the Dometic will fit in the Bear Box. That may be the way to go. I ave a long 12 Volt extension cord.

    Good to know you can run it off the car also. I may eventually put a 12 volt outlet in the bed of my truck. Will definitely be checking in with the ranger when we get there.


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