Dometic, or another brand?

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  1. fernlane

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    the dometic doesn't seem to strain our 4 banger diesel jetta electrical system at all. At a reasonable inside ambient temp the fridge probably isn't running over 15% of the time. The 550 will also run the dometic just fine even on hot days. We were in Death Valley last October and had no problems traveling with the fridge in the galley. It's just hard on the battery 'cause the fridge has to run so much. That's why I've switched to hauling it in the TV.

    The old waeco manual has a chart that shows running times for different inside/outside temps. It also shows that it draws 6 amps when running but I've rarely seen it over 5 amps. I've put the page with that info below. You can find that manual on the web if you root around a bit.

    One other thing - we put the straps on our fridge as recommended on the forum. They work great. We've never used the included handles.

    We also carry a coleman cooler in our galley but we keep ice in it to cool beers, fruit etc. I also like ice in my whiskey.:D

    r dickson

  2. Cary Winch

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    That is a good fridge and a great price for one. As I pointed out above though this will not fit in the galley of the Camp-Inn and would have to be carried in the tow vehicle.

  3. Brian & Lucy

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    We keep a Snomaster classic series fridge in the TV...along with the other reasons noted, we like it in the TV because all our cold food/drink is already packed in the car when we go on daily excursions. We got a 60L, so no chance of it fitting in the CI! :)
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    Do you have to start your Jetta daily and let it run awhile?


  5. Randy

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    How often do you have to start your TV and how long do you have to let it run to keep the battery charged?

  6. pat walsh

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    We use our dometic in the TV as we don't do well lifting it. We leave the handles off and it snugs up nicely to the back of the driver seat in our van which has the middle seats colasped. We plug it in the car with D.C. When driving and then when we get to a campsite we run a 2nd AC electrical cord from the campsite to it via a slightly opened window. It took us a while to be organized but now we are not running back and forth to the TV. Use our colapseble dishpan to gather items for meals. We keep bacon, other meat, (on bottom) milk, eggs, butter, cheeses, wine and 2 water and 2 cokes (when we use water or coke we add one from supply nearby so as not to have a big effect on cooler). We keep vegetables etc in the Coleman cooler frozen water jugs in it when we start out and try to buy ice blocks when needed. Then we have a very small cooler that fits one bag of ice cubes. I made cooler covers for the Coleman and the ice cube cooler out of bubble wrap reflextic. They really help the ice last longer. Keep dometic about 37 degrees.
  7. Brian & Lucy

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    Just by the nature of our trip, we'd never gone more than 30 hours without starting our TV. I've heard others go several days with the Snomaster. It has a built in battery monitor and will cut off the fridge if the battery gets below a level you select. That never happened to us, but if it did it's still a good cooler and has a cover. If we were expecting to be off grid for an extended time, I'd bring solar or a generator. So many scenarios in terms of heat, battery age/type, etc. I've heard others use a GoalZero as a back-up battery...I don't think we'll need that.
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    We are late chiming in on this thread, but having once dropped our Dometic on the ground (thanks to a dog/squirrel encounter) and having run it a lot over five years, including two years of non-stop use, it is definitely the way to go. As to power consumption, unless you are only taking your camper out on weekend trips, I would echo Jean W's advice and not go more than a full 24 hours without some sort of charge (the longer, the better).

    A 100 watt solar panel permanently installed on the roof of our van is working great for all of our power needs. We routinely go two to three weeks without shore power. When we do connect to shore power it isn't because we need to, it is just because the campsite that happens to be within a day's bicycle ride only offers campsites with power (and if we are going to pay for it, we are going to use it).
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    sorry for the delay - just finished a six day drive from Berkeley to NC. Whew ...

    I may have confused you about carrying the dometic in the jetta. The fridge is only in the TV when we're driving from campsite to campsite. In other words, it's only running off the jetta when the car is running. When we get to the campsite the fridge comes out of the jetta and is plugged into the 550.

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