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  1. Pick

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    I would like to have a shelf(s) to fit on either side of the TV under hanging the cabinets to hold tablets, ipads, phones, Kindles or a book. Open in the front appx. 10" deep 11" or so wide and just about 3" tall. We are always looking for a place to put them up at night without opening cabinets. Would also be handy when using your device with the TV,a great place for your glasses, etctera. This is something I could rig up but like the new trays for the storage area I'd like to have CI quality here too.
  2. Theresa

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  3. Randy

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    This is a little organizer I mounted to the wall that I found very useful. Too small for an IPad though. I use it for glasses, flashlight, remote, etc.

    Camco Organizer
  4. adrianneross

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    If you or someone you know has a little bit of woodworking experience, you could try something similar to the computer slide-out shelf that Oly had put in his 560:

    Oly's custom additions to 560

    I think the hardest part, he said, was finding the appropriate-sized sliders.

    See if there's a woodworking club in your area - those guys love a challenge - lots of talent out there - might help if you could rig up a cardboard "prototype" of what you're looking for.
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  5. gregangsten

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    Here is an idea for an Ipad or tablet mount. I used it in my trailer but I don't have the TV installed.

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