Piece of History Returns to Camp-Inn

Discussion in 'Official Camp-Inn Area' started by Betsey, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. rushthecat

    rushthecat Novice

    Betsey, this is so cool! I can't wait to see this one parked next to #500. Now that will create some buzz.
  2. Bazza2154

    Bazza2154 Novice

    Very cool Love it
  3. Mick'nSarah

    Mick'nSarah Moderator Staff Member

    Just goes to show how well they hold their value!
  4. LisaNKevin

    LisaNKevin Novice Donating Member

    Love it!
  5. Jim and Sue Lambly

    Jim and Sue Lambly Junior Ranger

    Cary, are you going to have it bronzed? You know, like baby shoes.

    I think you can tell I have nothing to do tonight...

  6. Betsey

    Betsey Camp-Inn Staff

    If he knows whats good for him, he won't get anywhere near my baby with the bronze stuff! :mad: :eek: :eek: :D

    Have a good day! :)

  7. fdkoh99

    fdkoh99 Novice

    It was great to read how early Cary decided on the Stainless Steel fenders (#0001). Having only owned my CI for two months - I just did a camp out.. 23 miles down a gravel road and found out just how smart a decision that was and how unsatisfied I would be if I had painted fenders - like most of the other brands out there. See below


    Great place BTW - Cascade Pass in the North Cascades (Washington State)... Mineral Park Campground - no water or electric - beautiful mountain river and the American Alps just down the road.
  8. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    Sounds nice. Another American Alps? We were to Ouray, CO last year, also known as the Alps of the US or American Switzerland. I personally like to think of the Swiss Alps as the European Rockies...
  9. Betsey

    Betsey Camp-Inn Staff

    On our maiden voyage, Craig felt really bad about the pitting, as Cary had done such a nice job of painting the fenders. The stainless rock guards were added to protect the fenders from future pitting. So, it wasn't too hard for Craig & Cary to decide all future teardrops would have stainless fenders.

    If the pits aren't too deep, you can use a purple Scotchbrite pad on them.

  10. fdkoh99

    fdkoh99 Novice

    Hi Betsey,

    No need to polish, I'll leave that for the aluminum... besides - its kind of a badge of experience ;^)

    Dave K
  11. slumry

    slumry Novice

    Oh, Cascade Pass, right next to Sahale Arm, one of my most favorite hikes. It has to be the marmot capital of the world. I hope you got to at least hike to the pass.
  12. fdkoh99

    fdkoh99 Novice

    Yep - beautiful spot.

    The only thing better would have been to camp and spend a couple days up there.. but that would have been one of those 1/2 inch thermorest matteresses and my back would have said - No thanks....

  13. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    ^^^^^^ Great shot! ^^^^^^

    Looks like a wonderful spot.
  14. I loved the pictures and history.
  15. Bear

    Bear Ranger

    What a fun trip through history. Thanks Betsey!

    Walk in Beauty,

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