Solar panel for my Toaster...

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Travelguy, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Travelguy

    Travelguy Novice

    Solar panel I could move around with the sun and not have to have my trailer in the sun.



  2. Jenn

    Jenn Junior Ranger

    Hi Todd, What is the brand of your solar panel? Is the name of your trailer "Toaster"?
    thanks, Jenn
  3. Ladymc

    Ladymc Novice

    Would you mind sharing details on your solar panel? I want to get one "in case of an emergency"...i.e. part of our "just in case" set up. Size, what it will charge, cost (if you don't mind) and where you got it. A link would be nice...Thanks!
  4. Matt Rogers

    Matt Rogers Novice

    Brunton makes a nice 25 watt one that folds really small and fits under bed in storage well.
  5. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    I'm not too up on what size to get - I'd suggest at least 85 watts for a system that would let you run everything - but here's a few links : UL Solar - Dependable Solar - a good explanation on wattage needed: Where RV Now? . I'm sure Evan or Cary can also help with figuring out the wattage you might need, especially if you're not looking for a setup quite so big.
  6. Ladymc

    Ladymc Novice

    Thanks Ken! I know that Evan's is an 80 watt I believe for around $200...I use electric appliances almost exclusively rather than the propane and would like to continue doing so and not have to worry about finding electric plug ins all the time.
  7. Bazza2154

    Bazza2154 Novice

    Remember the solar hook up charges the battery so you would need a converter to run electrical appliances from the 12v system
  8. Ladymc

    Ladymc Novice

    We have several converter's, not a problem!
  9. Travelguy

    Travelguy Novice

    Yup... its warm on cold nights and my friends cant believe I can sleep in a travel toaster....
  10. Travelguy

    Travelguy Novice

    I agree with Ken... 80 to 85 watts is min i would use. Having had mine since 2006 with a 50 watt panel I wish I had gone bigger instead of slicing hairs on power used. The other problem I have found out is many of the places I like to camp don't have alot of its in the trees. Hence I use the Yamaha 1000 generator at night to bring up the battery because I use the cabin lights and run a dc fridge during the day. Deep cycle batteries are ok to run down to 50 percent but it takes a while with the charger we have mounted on our trailers to recharge then... about 7 hours before the light goes green...I know because I keep track. I am using an AMG battery because they load faster and very vibration resistant.
    I am going to a new camp spot in July... more open and hoping to use my solar panel more here. Will take pictures and let you know.

    Oh...I do call my CI the flying toaster :)
  11. jpbrew

    jpbrew Novice

    Ken, do you have your panal mounted to the top of your CI, or do you have it on a portable stand with an attaching cable? I know the mounting on top of the CI is convenient, allowing for charging while on the move and that its always hooked up, but a panal on a stand which you could move around makes alot of sense too, if camping in a wooded area. Also, most folks want to keep their CI in the shade for obvious reasons, but I think you know that by what you named your CI.

  12. jpbrew

    jpbrew Novice

    OK, belay my last, I didn't see the picture. :grin:
  13. NH Wanderlust

    NH Wanderlust Novice Donating Member

    Another Navy guy I'm guessing! Go Navy
  14. Tour 931

    Tour 931 Junior Ranger

    Travel toaster! :)

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