Southwest September 2017

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    Names: Ron and Missy
    Trailer: 2014 560 Ultra-WALL-E
    Tow Vehicle: 2013 Subaru Outback
    Total Miles: 5,251
    # Days: 18
    Trip Recap:
    Traveled 5.251 miles through nine states, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Nebraska.

    Camped out 17 nights at 10 different sites.

    Visited at three National Monuments; Navajo, Natural Bridges and Colrado.

    Visited one National Recreation Area, Glen Canyon.

    Did all of our cooking except 1 breakfast, two lunches and three suppers, a total of six meals out of 48 total meals.

    Trip highlights, Arches N.P. and Mesa Verde. Visiting our son Alex, drive of the Mokee Dugway..:)

    Trip downers, 2 trips to urgent care! :(

    For photos and narrative of trip visit:
    Adventures of WALL-E
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  2. tdldjdx2

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    Great Pics! Looks like a great ride!
  3. rgupnorth

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    I saw you in Moab when you went up and turned around by the McDonalds - tried to walk over and catch you at the light but light turned to quick and you were off heading north through town.

    Nice set up you have.

  4. KathyBob

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    Hi, Ron and Missy! Sounds like a great trip. Would you message me with your last name and address? I'll mail you your pin. Kathy Piggott (KathyBob)
  5. sniperJ

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    That sure is a great time! Nice trip

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