Where to find Woody Wax?

Discussion in 'Care & Maintenance' started by Biggie, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Biggie

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    I thought I may be able to buy Woody Wax at one of the local retailers, but I have not found it yet. Do most of you order yours online or have you found any suppliers at stores locally? - Julie
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    Julie, we called Woody and they shipped directly to us. They are in Jupiter FL. I talked to Susan at 561-741-4424. She was very helpful, sent along some free goodies and was very familiar with Camp Inn.
  3. nwhiker

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    Has anyone done a comparison of Woody wax versus the Shark Hide?

    I don't know what the weather will be like in Wisconsin the end of October when I pick mine up but want to put something on it before traveling 2000 miles to get home. Dave
  4. Evan

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    Last time I talked to Cary, he recommended the Woody Wax over the Shark Hide. That's enough for me to make a decision. There are a few owners (like Linda) that swear by the Shark Hide, but so far most people have used Woody Wax and seem to be pleased with it.
    I haven't done it yet, but from what I've heard it will protect the current finish of your aluminum. Make sure you like what you see before you put on the Woody.
  5. ghaynes

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    Many marine stores have Woody's like West Marine.

    For those that have used XXX Woody Wax how much wax does it take to do the trailer? I'm getting close to delivery and want to take some with me and either do it myself before I leave the factory or find someone over in Tomah.
  6. A 16 oz can of Woody XXX paste wax will do at least 10 trailers. A little goes a long way and if you use too much it will take forever to buff it out and remove any swirls. You definitely need a buffer and it takes about 2 hours maybe a little less if you're fast.

    On a new trailer for the trip home another option is the Woody Wax spray. This you apply with a clean cotton cloth then wipe off with blue shop towels, no buffing, takes less then an hour. This provides protection for a month or two. Then when you get home, wash the trailer then apply the XXX paste wax for 6 months protection. The spray wax acts as a mild cleaner and will remove light stains and oxidation as well as protection for a month or two. If you put it on over the XXX paste wax it will remove the paste wax protection.

    After I got my trailer home and got the initial coat of XXX wax on I used it over a six month period until I noticed it getting some minor stains. Then I washed it, then used the spray Woody Wax which removed any stains, then put a coat of XXX wax on. Repeat every 6 months or so depending on usage.

    It depends on the weather you get when you take your trailer home. I picked mine up in October and didn't put anything on for trip home. We only had a little light rain so we had almost no staining or oxidation. If you expect relatively mild weather the spray wax would probably be just fine. If you're going in winter and expect snow and road salt I would opt for the XXX paste initially.

    Hope this helps clarify the Woody's Wax a little.
  7. ghaynes

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    Thanks. That helps. Buy one of each, W Wax and XXX and I should be good. May just do it right after pickup before I get on the road.
  8. The regular Woody's wax spray is very easy to do especially on a new trailer. Could easily do that before you hit the road. The XXX paste wax is more work and more time (need a buffer) but offers better and longer lasting protection.
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    Speaking of Woody wax ...where is our friend Hilditch?
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    He couldn't take it any more.
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    What is the latest on this topic? WoodyWax? Walbernizer? It depends? :)


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