Where to put pins?

Discussion in 'Camp-Inn Awards' started by Nancy and Greg, May 4, 2017.

  1. Kathy, we received our pins and thank you! We are very excited. I do have a question. I thought they would be sticky back pins. I have seen pins attached to the wood inside the hatch of the gallery, and had planned to put our there. How do folks usually attach these to the tiny camper?
  2. That should say "galley."
  3. Inn42

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    We don't put our pins in the galley, but we do have a growing collection that we add to a chest in our van. I use an ice pick to "pre-drill" the hole for the pin, put a little Goop on the back of the and push it into the wood. The galley may have harder wood, so it might take some tapping with a hammer to install them there.

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  4. KathyBob

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    thanks for letting me know they arrived! Looks like Steve and Alea answered your question. I clip off the "spike" from the back of the pin which leaves a little nub. I put a dab of silicone on the back and push it into the wood next to the number plaque in the galley.
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  5. Biggie

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    We take the pin (spike) off the back of the pin and put a small amount of Museum Putty (like poster tac) on the back. Ours have been up like that on the wood in our galley for at least 4 years - none have ever fallen off. If I need to, I can rearrange the pins and I don't poke holes in the wood.
  6. adrianneross

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    Glad I read this before I mounted our pins - I was just planning to stick them kit-and-kaboodle into the wood!
  7. Tour 931

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    I'm a long ways from needing to know how.:(
  8. Van_and_Terri

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    A better judge of our nights would be a count of wine bottles. Nothing better than a crackling campfire with a nice glass of wine. Do they make badges of wine bottles?
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    You could soak off the labels and add them to an album? Or, smartphone them to an online album - that way you get the date, too.

    Perhaps I’m taking your question too literally...

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