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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tour 931, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Not one TD owner does this sort of analysis when deciding whether to buy a TD, so I'm not sure why anyone would start a thread focusing on it. Perhaps a full-timer would do that sort of analysis, but I'm guessing even they don't do this.


  2. Tour 931

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    I bought a Little Guy new in 2007 for $4,500 and spent months in it almost every year. My cost per night in it was very low and it was one thing that made me think of getting another teardrop. But now I am older and most likely the Camp-Inn will outlive me. As I get older I question whether I would be spending six months in the trailer every year for the next 14 years which is my life expectancy.

    Storage lots are full of RVs of all sorts that seldom get used. I think maybe some of them wished they had asked the question.

    If I can spend 1,000 nights in it in the next 14 years I will be happy. People say it is good to have goals so that is mine.
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    Ain’t it grand that not everyone is the same? I think it is!

    Even among TD owners. My wife and I certainly talk about how much use we’ll get out of this or that... especially a large purchase like a camper, because we (generally) want to reduce our footprint. We’ve got too much stuff we don’t use!

    I suppose breaking down projected cost/night or cost/year reflects some jobs I’ve had where we’ve needed to think very hard about if a particular piece of equipment contributes to the bottom line. Of course camping isn’t a business... but one could instead go to Hawaii a few times, maybe many times, for the money one spends on a camper!
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    Cosmo, you describe our outlook, nearly to a T. I would only add the savings of the teardrop over pet friendly lodgings for us, as we travel with our dog most of the time. What it really comes down to is traveling on our own terms. The cost is nearly immaterial.

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    Love this thread. I thought the same thing...when we travel we usually stay in a hotel for about $100.00 per night plus factor in the cost of eating out at least twice a day. But in reality this doesn't matter, as the Camp Inn has brought me into a while new world I never really thought existed. I was NEVER a camper...roughing for me was when the Four Season's closed the bar!! Since my wife and I bought the Camp Inn we have been to several National Parks in the United States, plus Jasper & Banff in Canada and last summer Gros Morne and Prince Edward Island in NE Canada. We have built memories that can not be replaced and we have so much fun planning our next trip...these are things can't have a price tag on them. So thankful we decided to buy a Camp Inn, one of the best buys we have ever done.
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    I've always been a camper and knew I would love the Camper-Inn because of my experience with the Little Guy. My main concern was spending enough nights in it to make it worth the money. I'm 68 years old and retired on a fixed income. So my real question was will I live long enough or stay healthy long enough to make it worth spending my last real cash.

    But I also look at it like I might get hit by a train tomorrow and dying with the cash in the back would have been a waste of my retired life.
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