Memory Foam Or Some Other Type Of Mattress Topper? Need Advice!

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Little Patriot, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Van_and_Terri

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    We recently put the Hypervent in our 550, but wished we would have gave the FROLI more consideration after your review. Van is a side-sleeper too.
  2. Jenn

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    Deb, did you make a decision?

    Ive had the Ikea topper and liked it. but it was a full size and that became a problem so it found a new home. Ive been happy with the green mattress as it is.

    I hope to come across someone someday who has the froli system and see what its like and why they like it. Hypervent has been a good solution for me to keep the mattress out of condensation.
  3. Little Patriot

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    I haven't purchased the Froli system yet, but I'm convinced it's the way I want to go; Lorie's and Randy's posts were most helpful.

    I did purchase a queensize 3" memory foam topper for our mattress at home with the intent of using it in the teardrop if
    we liked it. It's comfortable, but truthfully, it's a little more "marshmallowy" than I like. Maybe a one or two inch topper would be less so...I just don't want to go that route.

    The Camp Inn mattress is a good mattress. I really do think the Froli system will enhance it by alleviating pressure points and maintaining air circulation underneath. It helps to be sure because it's an expensive addition to the camper.

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  4. Randy

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    Perhaps Lorie will weigh in also, I would be interested in her take.

    I found the difference with the Froli to be subtle, but it definitely got rid of the pressure points that I was experiencing and serves the dual purpose of providing circulation under the mattress. I tried the topper route but it didn't relieve the pressure points and I found it to be a hassle as it slid around, especially for me as I am a tosser and turner. I also find that it is a little easier to access the under storage compartments with the Froli attached to the lids than it was with the hypervent. I was considering a non CampInn mattress as a solution but it's such an unknown without being able to try them out.

    Very pleased with the Froli solution. For me it was money well spent as having a comfortable bed is after all a large part of a Tear Drop's purpose. The fact that Little Guy is offering the Froli as stock on some of their new models is what convinced me to give it a try.
    T@B 400 Teardrop Trailer | RV Sales | 1 Floorplan

    I also made sure that the soft side of the stock mattress was facing up.
    Non camp-inn mattress

    Hope that helps.

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  5. Little Patriot

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    Yes, that definitely helps.
    Thank you so much.

    I know Lorie is a believer in the Froli system. She took the time to email me her experience.
    Thank you again, Lorie.

    Alleviating the pressure points was my initial objective.
    Now to repurpose my Hypervent. ❓

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    I used some extra hypervent to line the lower galley cabinets.
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